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In case you're wondering...

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions!

Do I need a building permit?
Who is responsible for getting a permit?

Answer: It's the property owner's responsibility to get the permits. Check with your local city or county zoning office. Each area is a little different.

Who is responsible for preparing the site, and how should the site be prepared?

Answer: It is the customer's responsibility to have the site prepared. We recommend a gravel base for good drainage and ease of leveling. The top of the gravel should be several inches above the surrounding grade and be at least 12 inches larger than the building on all sides. Your gravel must be flat and can even be slightly higher on the outside edges or otherwise building may teeter. The other option is to place it on a level base of your choosing, they can go right on the ground or be blocked up.

Do you deliver, and how far do you deliver?

Answer: Yes we deliver, free within a 30 mile radius, to the UP and eastern Wisconsin. Beyond 30 miles, the delivery charge is $3-per-loaded-mile. Call for a quote.

How are the floors of the shed built? Can I have it built on a concrete slab? What if I cannot get a prebuilt shed in my backyard?

Answer: Our standard sheds come with floors on treated 4 x 4 skids, spaced three feet apart. There is a 2x4 (standard, non-treated lumber) floor joist every 12 inches, and standard, non-treated 5/8" plywood on top. We offer optional treated floor joists and plywood. So if you are building on a concrete slab (customer-provided), or you cannot get it into your site, then we come to your place and build the shed on your prepared site. See on-site fee.

What are my choices of exterior siding?

Answer: We have primed siding or T1-11 pine siding standard price see price list. Or optional painted or vinyl siding.

What are my roof choices?

Answer: Standard price includes an asphalt dimensional shingle. For or optional steel roof, add 5%.

Can I have a shed custom built? Can the windows or doors be placed where I want?

Answer: Yes, we do customizing

Where are these sheds built, and who builds them?

Every shed is built right here in Oconto Wisconsin by one of the 2 Brubaker brothers who own the business, either Nelson or Steve.

How far apart are are the studs in the wall and on the roof spaced?

Wall studs are spaced every 16" on center and the roof at 24" on center, unless otherwise specified.